Southern Living
October 2004

Echo of the Spirit: A Photographer's Journey

by Chester Higgins, Jr. (Doubleday, $29.95)

The New York Times photojournalist Chester Higgins, Jr., recounts the journey of his life through images and stories. In Echo of the Spirit, he tells about growing up in New Brockton, Alabama, finding his career path in New York, and then voyaging through Africa to search for a greater purpose in his life and work. He doesn't tell his story through words so much as through pictures.

In one such image, a father plays with a child, both silhouetted against a setting sun. In another, a young girl chases butterflies, the image so carefree you can almost hear her giggles. While Higgins does a wonderful job of narrating short tales to go along with each black-and-white image, the book's photographs are what distinguish it from others. Allison Barnes

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