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Moslem Woman click to enlarge Collector Prints: With the exception of the Moslem Woman image, signed archival black and white images for collectors of Chester Higgins Jr., images are available directly from artist as silver gelatin, selenium toned prints priced at: 11"x14" at $2000, 16"x 20" prints at 54000, 20"x24" prints at $6009 and 30"x40" at $8500. Digital color prints are priced at 15% less.

Platinum Prints of are available directly from artist in editions of 25 in sizes of 11"x14" on 16"x20" paper, 16"x20" on 20"x24" paper, 22" x28" on 25"x31" paper and 27"x34" on 30"x40" on arches paper. Platinum pricing begins at $10,000 and rises determined by size and place in the edition.

Contact: Gallery@chesterhiggins.com
Lalibela click to enlarge "I made this photograph of Beta Saint GiyorgIs (Church of Saint George) on a dazzling starry night in November 2007. It is part of my ongoing project documenting ancient religions along the Nile.

For nearly 1,000 years, 12 rock churches have existed, hidden inside the mountains at Lalibela - a monument to Christianity in Ethiopia. Some 1,700 years ago, in 324 CE, the emperor Ezana converted to Christianity, changing the state religion at the same time.

Beta St. Giyorgis is the most famous of the 12 ancient rock-hewn churches at Lalibela, a sacred destination for centuries of pilgrims, Stonecutters excavated pits as deep as 40 feet from the solid-rock Losta Mountains, leaving freestanding stone monoliths in the middle. These churches are sacred sculpture on a grand scale. Construction, which began centuries before, perhaps in celebration of the first millenium of the birth of Christ, was completed during the reign of King Lalibela, an early 13th-century Zagwe Dynasty monarch.

Please enjoy this little-known gem of African history. It is my hope that more and more people will come to know and appreciate Africa's spiritual legacy."

Signed posters available of the Beta Saint Giyorgis in Lalibela, Ethiopia
Postage included - $ 50
Contact: prints@chesterhiggins.com

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Feeling the SpiritFeeling the Spirit
Signed First Edition: $ 135
Elder GraceElder Grace
Signed First Edition: $ 75
Echo of the SpiritEcho of the Spirit
Signed First Edition: $ 75

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