Echo of the spirit book coverEcho of the Spirit This is a story about my life as a photographer, my growth as an artist, and my search for individual and collective identity, and about how the Spirit has come to influence this process. Photography is my tool to discover and acknowledge the echo of the spirit. I never sought the Spirit. Quite the contrary. The Spirit inserted itself into my life in a vision in the middle of the night when I was only nine years old... Purchase a Signed First Edition
Book coverElder Grace View Sample Elder Grace is a love song to the nobility of aging. The process of aging for some elder people can translate into a mysterious reservoir of wisdom--people who miraculously blossom, seasoned by years of living. We, as a society do not honor our elders, and as a result, very few of us are emotionally comfortable in our older bodies. Today, individuals who blossom and season well are on their own special paths. They are beacons, in my mind--perhaps even national treasures, which we as a society need not only to appreciate and applaud, but to study and emulate. Purchase a Signed First Edition
Book coverFeeling The Spirit View Sample The book explores the TransAtlantic communities of the African Diaspora-those communities bordering the Atlantic Ocean that extend on the east from England to South Africa and on the west from Canada to Argentina.

Today African people live on the four TransAtlantic continents in many different nations. We are a diverse people. Although we are separated by geography, national boundaries, and language, we are still similar in ways that bind us one to another. In our diversity we are much alike.

For the past twenty-six years my camera has led me on a personal odyssey and has given me entry into lives I otherwise might never have been privileged to know.
Purchase a Signed First Edition
Book coverSome Time Ago Some Time Ago is a product of four years of intensive research that has taken me through museums, libraries and many private homes. This research has yielded more than a collection of invaluable images-it has become a photographic record of a people, Black Americans in their own environment. Here is the documentation of a people who have survived and thrived.
Book coverDrums of Life View Sample Drums of Life is a revealing statement about my own personal confrontations. The images reflect the positive qualities I saw in the men that I photographed, revealing their strength, wisdom, dignity, kindness and power. I think the photographs show that we can be strong enough to be honest with ourselves and others; kind and considerate enough to respect other lives around us; pure enough so that others can trust us; and sincere enough so that if we lose someone we love, we can cry.

I see the Drum as the number one spiritual mover in the universe. It has always been a dominant force in the heritage and culture of Black folks. Because of its force, we move to its power as it permeates our whole being. The life force, that ability to touch everything with power and love is what I celebrate in the lives of the Black men in this book.
Book coverBlack Woman Black Woman explores the uniqueness of being a black American woman in the seventies. It is an unabashedly chauvinistic work, and a paean of praise to black womanhood, but it is not merely a series of striking photographs. By juxtaposing the life styles of many women, this book looks at the coming of age of post Civil Rights movement women. It explores their public and private realities, how they project themselves, their relationships and their elders.
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